Heritage Resort

Four star luxury in magical five star surrounds is awaiting your arrival in the superb Heritage Resort hotel in Denham.

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Western Australia’s premier tourist attraction, the World Heritage listed Shark Bay. Come face to face with the world famous dolphins of Monkey Mia, explore the surreal landscapes of Nanga Bay, Carnarvon and the magnificent Zuytdorp Cliffs.

The choices are unlimited. Take in a scenic flight, indulge yourself with some world class game fishing or simply kick back and unwind in one of the worlds truly unspoilt gems.

As part of the worldwide Comfort Resort network you can be assured of a warm welcome and personalised hospitality.

Our quality resort offers exceptional value for the discerning  traveller. All facilities are first class and our recreational and dining services are without peer. 

If you’re looking for a memorable break in a part of the world that can only be described as paradise on earth then the Heritage Resort right Shark Bay is waiting to welcome you.



How to Perform Sandblasting Safely and Protect Your Health

Sandblasting is a technique that uses compressed air to clean or smoothen surfaces. If you want to rid a surface of a foreign material or if you have to smoothen nooks and crannies, then this is the perfect method Think of it as an advanced sandpaper method. Sand, bits of steel or walnut shells are propelled at high velocity onto the desired surface. However, sandblasting has been known to cause cancer and other health issues because of the small nature of the particles used that can quickly get into a person’s respiratory system.

Follow the safety procedures below to protect yourself from any harmful effects.

Protective Gear

No protection from any hazardous process is complete without the use of protective gear. Sandblasting is not an exception to this rule. All workers performing this operation should wear the right equipment from head to toe to ensure they are adequately protected. Eye protection is critical because the small particles can get into the eyes, especially airborne dust that is a by-product of the process. You also need respiratory protection which, is the most critical protective gear. It will protect your respiratory system and functions against the dangerous dust that is a byproduct of sandblasting. Your hair should also be protected by wearing the right helmet. These helmets are specially designed with air-supply to make breathing as comfortable as possible. Earmuffs will protect your ears from the harsh sound of the compressed air. Eardrums are very sensitive and could get damages from this intense noise.

Controlled Environment

Dustless Blasting by Vacublast should never be conducted outside of a controlled environment. Every sandblast session should be done in individual cabinets to enhance safety. This is to ensure the protection of the person sandblasting, but for anyone else who might come into the room after the process is complete. The microscopic dust particles should not be left to float around due to one reason. The dust may fill the environment for long, and any inhalation of the dust may lead to a host of health issues. During the process, the sandblaster is the only individual expected in the cabinet. The individual handling the equipment should hold it at a safe distance from their bodies and should face away from them rather than towards them.

Double-Check the Equipment

The equipment you use should be checked before each session to make sure everything is working correctly. You also need to make sure the appropriate maintenance has been done to avoid accidents. All workers should know the safety precautions and manufacturer instructions before operating any machinery. Regular drills should be implemented to remind workers of these procedures.


Ventilation is paramount when handling such sensitive equipment. The cabinets in which the process is conducted should have the right amount of aeration. In case the safety gear is faulty, then there will be enough air to blow away the dust. After each process, the room should be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dust particles.

Follow these safety precautions for an accident-free sandblasting session.

Why Homeowners Buy Artificial Grass

Why The Melbourne Homeowners Buy The Artificial Grass Online

If your goal is to reduce the cost of herbicides, irrigation, and general garden maintenance, buying the synthetic turf is a smart idea. Not only does the synthetic turf look gorgeous, but it is also tough and resilient. When choosing the ideal grass varieties for your home, undertaking a site analysis is vital. During the site analysis, you must consider the relevant issues such as topography, drainage, and the local climatic conditions. If you live in the semi-arid regions, maintaining the natural grass is a daunting task. While buying Artificial grass online Melbourne dwellers choose from a vast range of options that meet their needs and budget. The only way to reduce your water bills without affecting the quality of your lawn is to buy the synthetic turf.

Drought tolerance
While the gardening market has a range of drought-tolerant grass varieties that can save on water and maintenance, nothing beats the artificial grass in this category. Installing an irrigation system is an expensive venture that takes a toll on your pocket. While the drip irrigation system can reduce the cost of water significantly, it takes a long time to install. The main benefit of the artificial grass is that you do not have to incur the additional cost of excavating the trenches, buying the sprinklers, and installing the irrigation system. While buying Artificial Grass Melbourne residents have to think about the maintenance, water consumption, and the overall cost of installation.

Save on garden maintenance
When it comes to garden maintenance, homeowners spend a fortune on the repair of the high-traffic areas. If you plant the natural grass, you will have to replace the sod in these areas frequently. While buying artificial grass online Melbourne property owners undertake a feasibility study before choosing the ideal option. The cost of garden maintenance will depend on how often you need to replant the grass in these areas. Fortunately, the artificial grass can withstand high levels of abuse in the high-traffic zones, meaning that you do not have to spend money on routine maintenance. While buying artificial grass online Melbourne organizations insist on the low maintenance varieties that enable them to cut the cost significantly. Whether you are hosting parties or creating some play areas fir the kids, you can rely on the resilience of this grass for a long time to come.

Functional benefits of synthetic turf
While buying artificial grass online Melbourne homeowners choose the varieties that suit the requirements of the entire family. Besides maintaining its appearance throughout the year, the grass eliminates the risk of flooding with its formidable drainage potential. While the artificial grass holds onto the storm water and allows it to percolate into the ground, the synthetic turf drains quickly. As such, you can use the garden as soon as the rains stop without encountering any mud or water puddles. While buying artificial grass online Melbourne residents look for the beautiful varieties that improve the value of their homes.

Playable surface
Such qualities are vital if you want to develop a playable surface for your sports team. Besides saving money on the maintenance of the grounds, many teams have realized that the artificial grass meets their functional and aesthetic requirements perfectly. In the large stadia, such qualities can make a huge difference. In addition, the surface is safe and comfortable to use for all sporting activities. While buying artificial grass online Melbourne sports teams insist in the playable, safe, and comfortable surfaces.


The importance of birthday cards

The importance of birthday cards today

birthday cards

Once upon a time, birthdays were all about the birthday gifts. But, these days, many people give money instead. This fact makes birthday cards all the more important because they have to do double duty. Although the money itself is the real gift, the wit, wisdom and personality of the card largely stands in place of a physical gift. This makes their careful selection a much more important part of the gift giving experience than ever before.

Birthday cards come in a variety of styles to match your personality or the character of your relationship to someone. Many of them are humorous. Humor is a great way to go to help someone smile, but you sometimes need to be careful that the humor in question is appropriate.

You may want birthday cards for older relatives to more dignified and birthday cards for younger relatives to more lighthearted. When giving one to an officemate, you may want to keep it politically correct. When giving one to an old friend, you may want to do the opposite, depending on the nature of the friendship.

You know the saying: “It’s the thought that counts.” When choosing birthday cards, thoughtfulness is important. People will be able to tell if you took some time to pick out something just for them, or if you couldn’t be bothered and are just phoning it in, so to speak.

In many social settings, such as at work, the birthday cards you send out will be the most personal thing you give them all year. In such situations, you really want to make it count. You want people to remember you for being thoughtful and sincerely caring, even if you are sending something tongue in cheek or politically incorrect.

Although it is fine to keep a supply of generic birthday cards on hand just in case you need one, in most cases, you will want to choose the card carefully to fit the person and your relationship with them. If you do send a generic card, make sure to add a handwritten note to help distinguish it. A few thoughtful words can go a long way towards making them feel less generic and more personal.

Birthday cards remain an important means to communicate how much you care about the people around you. They don’t cost all that much, yet they can be an important annual touchstone for a relationship.